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Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Gildeas Opticians Kids Corner.

Children should have an eye examination at a young age – If they have an uncorrected problem for a significant length of time they may develop a permanent reduction in vision in one or both eyes. Appropriate vision correction before the age of 7 is the best way to avoid any long term vision problem.

Vision and learning are closely related – 80% of what children learn is through vision and early diagnosis of problems are very important. It is estimated that 1 in 5 children have undetected vision problems.

Up to 3rd class children learn to read but from then onwards they read to learn. School vision screenings aim to identify children with significant visual issues so that they can be referred on for further investigation. As of March 2015 the estimated delay for children’s eye tests from the HSE via the school screening system is 12 months in Kildare. Eye examinations for children comprise specially adapted charts and additional tests are carried out for eye muscle balance, eye convergence, colour vision, development of 3D vision.

Your child may need glasses and/or special exercises to help correct the vision problem.

Our wide range of children’s frames offer style,durability, comfort and value.

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