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Sports Vision

Sports Vision

Sports Vision At Gildeas Opticians.

As qualified Sportsvision Optometrists we offer assessment and treatment for individuals and teams engaged in sports. Research shows that vision and sporting performance are directly related. Vision provides athletes with information regarding when to perform.Studies have shown athletes to have better visual abilities than non-athletes but despite these advantages athletes can benefit significantly from a greater awareness of the applications of Sportsvision.

A major study of the visual performance of 1500 German national and first division footballers in 2010 showed that over 20% required visual correction and 30% of those using corrective lenses benefitted from a change in prescription.These figures have been matched in sports vision assessments of club and inter-county teams in Ireland.

The assessment involves the usual measurement of visual acuity(sharpness) ,but also eye dominance, 3D vision, peripheral vision, eye speed and tracking ability, contrast sensitivity and eye-hand coordination.The resulting consultation with the individual or coach will help identify specific areas requiring improvements.The treatment options can involve correction with glasses (e.g. sports spectacles) or contact lenses,including specific toric contact lenses, and/or eye exercise regimes.

Among our clients are inter-county footballers and hurlers (including All-Ireland winners and All-Stars), as well as soccer, athletics and senior Rugby internationals.

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